This is a story of how a little bit of patience, some hard work, and the enormity of the Flippa community can come together for ultimate success.

The business is called Pulse CMS. It’s a SaaS platform that allows users, typically design agencies or business owners, to easily develop web pages. They operate on a subscriptions basis and came into the sale with 11 years of experience under their belt and over 200 current subscribing users.

The business was great. They were steadily bringing in over $2,250 in monthly profit, being operated primarily by a small team of virtual assistants, seeing a minimal 4% annual churn rate, and essentially keeping the engines running without ever thinking about advertising or SEO best practices. The business was a dream. But, like many dreams, it was coming to an end as the owner looked to move out to the country and enjoy an off-line lifestyle.

The opportunity was there for the taking. And the stats on Flippa say it all.

Even more so, of those 57 discussions (that came from nearly 22,000 viewers!) 15 of them were highly engaged, taking the next step with the seller to video conferences and screen shares in order to perform live verifications of the technology.

And that is one of the major keys to being a successful seller on Flippa. Posting your asset for sale is the first step, but following through and being responsive to the prospective buyers is just as critical.

It took a relatively long time for this asset to sell through, but the seller kept up with the work, answering questions, setting up calls, and even working with our own marketing team on a video interview as part of an Ultimate Boost.

Wildly enough, the person who ended up acquiring this business had started his conversations with the seller 5 months before closing the deal. That entire time, while interested in the company, he was actively browsing the marketplace, trying to be sure that he made the best decision possible.

We often remind people that selling your business on Flippa is a lot different than selling a pair of socks through an eCommerce business. It isn’t about figuring out an efficient way to sell thousands of the same, mundane product. Rather, it’s about spending the time and effort to find the one perfect buyer for the single, unbelievable piece of inventory that you currently have for sale.

If you are willing to put in the effort, the Flippa community will come through.

“Selling on Flippa has been amazing for me as I’ve always found strong buyers who could understand and appreciate the businesses I’ve built, and having the excellent Flippa staff support to help with negotiations, bids and after sales hand off.”

Michael F. – PulseCMS
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Looking to acquire a SaaS platform yourself? There are always an incredible array of possibilities on Flippa. To get you started, take a look at these assets that have all been around for over 2 years and have at least 1,000 monthly users, and are priced with an annual profit multiple no higher than 3.5x. Feel free to play with the toggles on the left hand side to adjust to exactly what you’re seeking.

Louis Masnou

Louis Masnou

Louis is an esteemed Account Manager here at Flippa. Hailing from Barcelona, but now living in Australia, he works with entrepreneurs from across the globe to help find them the best deal possible when looking to sell their businesses.