When a friend asked Martin Bispel to join him for a game of disc golf at a local park, Martin was at first confused and unaware of the sport. 

Shortly after, he fell in love with it.

“I discovered it and I just loved it since my twenties,” says Martin. “I’m a deadhead and I can’t help but be grateful for the fact that we could be part of this great sport.”

Years later, Martin will stumble across the company Upper Park Disc Golf on Flippa and work with the seller, John, to build a strong brand. 

At the time, John had a strong vision for the company but lacked the capital and bandwidth to grow the business to the next level. He ultimately stayed for the next phase of the scaling process as a product designer and the company now has a lucrative team that handles other aspects of the business. 

“There’s 50 million rounds of disc golf played in 2020. It’s amazing and growing like crazy. I’m fortunate to be able to do something that’s so fun and be a part of this great disc golf community.”

The CEO and co-owner of the company lives in Southeastern Pennsylvania with his wife, three kids, and two dogs.

Walking through Martin’s property, one can find golf carts, motorcycles, and a bar. He has baskets across the lawn and plays disc golf with his young boys, even getting his neighbors hooked with the sport.

“I get to work in this great space here in the bar, in a creative space, my commute is short, and I work with really talented people all over the world to grow this business.”

In the past, Martin’s sharp career included leading billions of dollars in revenue for a large corporate development, managing acquisitions, and ultimately starting his own consulting firm to help small companies grow. 

Like many who were left to consider life after the pandemic, Martin Bispels decided that entrepreneurship was the right decision.

This led to an extensive, vetted process of looking through different companies on Flippa and ultimately finding Upper Park Disc Golf.

“The tools they give you are all really valuable in being able to do the work that you need to do to make an informed decision. I’m so grateful to Flippa for being able to have the opportunity to find such a great company and to have the success that we do and live this terrific lifestyle.”

For Martin, this terrific lifestyle began with taking a leap of faith to entrepreneurship and acquiring his dream company.

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