Stacy Caprio – From Grandma’s House All The Way To The Penthouse

After a few experiments gone not-so-right, Stacy found huge success in the digital world, buying and building upon a site she found on Flippa, allowing her to leave her cubicle for a life of freedom and the ability to make each day her own.

Ron Stefanski – A Humble Teacher Becomes the OneHourProfessor

Ron had always wanted to be an entrepreneur and figured that websites had the lowest barrier to entry. 7 websites later, he turned his side hustle into a full-time gig, and now teaches others how to do it as the One Hour Professor.

Jacqui Pretty – This Author Wrote Her Own Future

Jacqui had been running her publishing company for years, but after a surprising revelation when she least expected it, she decided the time had come to sell her business on Flippa and now has time to work on the writing she’s passionate about.

Joe Burrill – The Student Becomes The Master

Joe was a student of Liz & Matt Raad. Now he is a highly successful broker who uses the Flippa platform to help others achieve their dreams by selling their online businesses. To date, he has sold over $1,000,000 in assets and counting.

Liz & Matt Raad – Teaching Others, or Learning From Them? Pt. 1

Liz & Matt are two of the happiest people we know. They begin each day with a mountain bike ride and then move on to their day jobs of running a slew of websites and teaching digital entrepreneurship to the next generation.

Priyadarshan Joshi – A Positive Outlook Can Skyrocket Your Success

Priyadarshan has the mindset that every entrepreneur needs. He sees each sunrise as the opportunity to plant a new seed or start a new business. He also turned a $1k acquisition into $92k, but that’s another story for another time.

Michael Bereslavsky – Advice After Over a Decade in the Game. 

Michael has been using Flippa since before it was even called “Flippa”. His journey began with a $50 purchase and continued to grow exponentially from there. These days, he uses his years of experience to work full time as a digital investor and broker.

Paula Moore – From Doctor of Chiropractics to Digital Nomad

Paula is an established Chiropractor, but found her real passion when she morphed her skills into the online “Posture Doctor”. After selling her business on Flippa, she now develops domain names, writes ‘About Us’ pages, and buys and sells domains.