Tell us a little about yourself. What’s your background? How did you start the business?

I currently work as a Data Analyst and wanted to develop online businesses so I could step away from the 9-5.

I bought the business over 2 years ago and it was my first time running a profitable business. Since then I have moved onto other projects which are more time consuming and it is time to pass the business onto someone else.

As an e-Commerce business, where are your products made?

We use UK suppliers only.

How have you marketed the product and where are your customers originating from?

Marketing is primarily free / no maintenance through Google organic search. There is also a Google ads account set up with all the campaigns which I’ve hardly used – I’ve been very happy with the semi-passive income it has generated!

Is the asset on your listing owner-operated, how much time does it take to run the business, who else is needed on the team, and what is automated?

I operate it as the owner. I would say it takes a maximum of 30 minutes a day. It’s hosted on Shopify so it’s very low maintenance.

What does someone need to do to continue operating the business in its current form?

Process orders and respond to customers – both are straightforward tasks, I would also turn back on a dynamic retargeting display campaign  – which is very cheap but I have found it to be effective.

Can you list a few opportunities for a potential new owner to continue growing the business?

Basically all aspects of marketing – I’ve only really just let the business coast with its organic rankings and that’s it. There would be a huge opportunity for paid advertising to really accelerate sales. Boosting the organic rankings through blog posts/link building would also be a very effective method.

What has been the evolution of this asset since its launch?

I’ve really just kept the business as it is since it was launched and the organic traffic it brings in remains strong.

How does this business make money? What are the current revenue streams?

We make money by selling climbing frames on our website. The profit is the difference between the price the supplier charges and the price on our site. Most products have a 20% margin but for the larger items (1k+) it’s about 15.

What marketing channels are most profitable for the business?

Google organic / Google ads

How does the business currently acquire customers and what is your breakdown for marketing costs?

Google organic, no marketing costs.

How big is your current team? How many people does it take to run this business?


What’s the reason for selling your business on Flippa?

I have paused the store since May last year due to coronavirus supplier issues. At that time I had another business that took off (and in the process of buying another) and I haven’t restarted this business since (apart from March 2021 to see if it still works – and it does!). It has been the perfect starter business for me as it brought in income / taught me about business and didn’t require any marketing skills.